Matching Process


We refer to our process as “matching” because both parties need to get to know one another over a period of time in order to decide if there’s a “match.” The Coolgreens business model is a fun and exciting opportunity, but it’s not right for everyone nor is everyone right for it. Our 7-step matching process is key for a successful, long term partnership


After reading through our website, if you are interested in learning more, the very first step is filling out a quick contact form and getting in touch with one of our sales representatives. We will have a preliminary phone call to answer your questions, learn a bit more about you, and give you an opportunity to learn about us and ask any questions you may have.


At this point, you will fill out an online application, which one of our franchise development representatives will send you. If at any point you have any questions during this process, we will only be one phone call, text or email away!


We will now have a more formal conversation and review your application together. This part of the process also includes an interview with several key members of our team


It’s now time to review and sign all necessary documentation.


An ideal Coolgreens site is between 1800 and 2400 square feet. Although end caps with patio space are preferred, we will consider inline space as well. We look for shopping centers that are anchored by big box retailers such as Target, or grocers such as Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. We like to be in trade areas that include fitness centers such as LA Fitness, Orange Theory, or Planet Fitness. Other restaurants that share similar demographics would include Chipotle, Smashburger, PF Chang’s/Pei Wei, and Chick-Fil-A. We like to be on primary roads that have 40,000 VPD, higher end demographics, and are close to business corridors. You are provided complete site selection manuals and workbooks. In addition, we work with Buxton Analytics who will provide us with site specific data in hopes of making a more accurate decisions selecting sites. We have a predetermined scoring system and will only accept sites that meet or exceed our number. Coolgreens only accepts A types of sites.


3-6 months from the time we signed the legal agreements, you can expect to open your own Coolgreens. From your signed contract to your grand opening, our proven process will alleviate any unnecessary steps and provide you with a knowledgeable Franchise Support Team dedicated to supporting you every step in the process.