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Investment Range:  $313,100 – $486,100

Average AUV:  $848,000

Royalties:  5% Sales & 1% Brand Fund


Three ways to

franchise with Coolgreens

Choices, choices, choices. We’re ready to help you find the right franchise option for your experience and finances. One, or maybe all three, could be the right answer for you!

1. Brick and Mortar

A modern, fast casual eatery with multiple revenue streams including dine-in, to go, and catering. We focus on customer experience to create repeat business and build rapport within communities.

2. Coolgreens Market

Ready for the next big thing? Coolgreens Market makes a perfect concept for campuses, offices, hospitals, event venues, high-rise residential and more. Easy to maintain repeat business. 

3. Coolgreens Virtual Kitchens

Also known as “Ghost Kitchen” (don’t worry; they’re not scary), these operations are housed in multi-functional kitchen facilities and deliver everyone’s Coolgreens favorites with the help of major delivery partners. 

Top 5
reasons to franchise
with Coolgreens

A fresh franchise concept for the modern day.

Healthy, fast-casual lifestyle eatery with simple operations and a seasoned (see what we did there?) leadership team. It’s all delicious.

A lifestyle brand made with a purpose.

We fuel people to have better, healthier lives. People love their Coolgreens, visiting often for fresh food that helps them feel better and keep doing the things they love. It’s a premium brand with a guilt-free feeling. Does it get any better?

A healthy investment

  • Average AUV of $848,000
  • Royalties: 5% sales, 1% brand. 
  • Investment range: $313,100—$486,100.

Multiple franchise options.

Pick your profits! Seriously. Brick + Mortar, Coolgreens Market and/or Virtual Kitchens make it easy to find an opportunity that fits your lifestyle, pocketbook and experience.

More than a chain.

We align with partners that share our passion for helping people live better lives. That means educating the community on the benefits of healthy living and staying committed to high quality food.

From high quality food

to innovative ideas, we are

committed to keeping it fresh. 

For CEO Robert Lee, the Coolgreens mission is personal.  Lee, who had been battling health issues himself, was changing his lifestyle to incorporate a fresh vegetable-based diet that didn’t skimp on taste. After visiting Coolgreens in 2009, it was love at first bite. He got involved and started learning how this little eatery could make a big difference for people like him. In 2014, he became CEO and has since used his passion for fresh food to fuel Coolgreens into a full-fledge lifestyle brand.

Today, Coolgreens serves a chef-inspired menu of signature salads, wraps, grain bowls, and sandwiches. The brand has expanded to double-digit locations in multiple states and plans for 150 locations within five years. In early 2020, Coolgreens launched Coolgreens Market® – smart refrigerators that offer quick, affordable and delicious ways to grab healthy food on-the-go.

But that’s not all. As the COVID-19 pandemic erupted in the US, the company cooked up a new idea for safely sharing fresh food with everyone safe: Virtual Kitchens. These kitchens operate in a shared space to create and deliver food directly to consumers’ homes, safely and the help of major delivery partners. 

Whether it’s high quality food, or innovative ideas that continue to make that food more accessible, Coolgreens is always keeping it fresh. 

Quick, cool facts about Coolgreens.

Brick and Mortar Stores

There are more than 10  locations today, with more on the way. We continue to streamline for efficiency, with a prototype goal of 1,000—2,000 sq. ft. 

Coolgreens Market

Fast, fresh and convenient as all get-out, Coolgreens Markets make it easy to grab signature salads, wraps and drinks on the go.

Each cutting-edge refrigeration unit dispenses delicious food with the swipe of a card. It’s easy to maintain and perfect for high traffic areas like offices, universities, travel areas and more.

Virtual Kitchens

I mean, we use the word “cool” quite a bit, but these are cutting-edge cool. Multi-functional kitchens that deliver everyone’s favorite fresh dishes with the help of major delivery partners. 

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