Eating healthy looks like it might get more fun with Coolgreens slated to open five new stores in Dallas.

Husband and wife duo Benny and Leily Farzad formed Farzad Food Group and signed a deal to bring the Oklahoma City-based, fast-casual health eatery to Dallas-Fort Worth.

Both Leily and Benny have extensive backgrounds in health and wellness.

“Benny co-owns 10 GNC stores with his brother across the metroplex, and I work in a spa setting,” Leily says. “We met with the Coolgreens company, and when they told us about the culture and everything they offer, we were like, ‘Yes.’ We love their vision and where they’re heading with this.”

Coolgreens opened its first Texas location in Southlake earlier this year and will open another location in Richardson this fall. The first of the Farzads’ five locations will open in the Old Town Shopping Center in East Dallas around November.

“That area is one of the hearts of Dallas,” Leily says. “It’s the best location for us to reach as many people as possible. We want to help as many people incorporate healthy habits into their lifestyle as we can.”

Benny believes that while most health-food restaurants specialize in a certain niche, Coolgreens will have something to offer everyone.

“Some places are strictly a specific genre of food, like salad and bowls,” Benny says. “This is a nice balance. You can have a different thing every day. Plus, it’s very streamlined. You can get in and out very quickly.”

Coolgreens’ menu will be divided into four categories: salads, sandwiches, wraps, bowls and flatbreads.

One of the sandwiches is the chicken fresca sandwich, which comes served with chicken, avocado, lettuce, tomato, onion and almonds on an oatmeal bun. The chicken fresca comes served with a delicious pasta salad on the side. Equally good is the margherita flatbread.

“The flatbreads are a great alternative to when you just want to order pizza from out and about,” Leily says. “They’re filling enough to the point where you are satisfied, but you don’t feel heavy afterwards.”

Coolgreens also offers beverages such as tea, agave lemonade and fresh juices, depending on the fruits in season.

In addition to being healthy, Coolgreens is also environmentally conscious. There’s no plasticware available for customers to take as much as they want, and the restaurant’s carryout containers are biodegradable.

Both Benny and Leily look forward to helping customers make positive changes to their lives.

“We’re going to treat you like family here,” Benny says. “We’ll come around to each table, refill your drinks and listen to your stories.”

“Having worked in customer service, I’m such a people person,” Leily says. “I love hearing people’s stories about how they were inspired to pick up healthier habits. I look forward to hearing more when we open Coolgreens.”

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