A franchise that fuels your life

Our Mission

Coolgreens believes in food that feeds your life. Our mission is to fuel healthy communities with fresh food through a chef-inspired menu of signature salads, wraps, grain bowls and sandwiches.

We also believe in creating great opportunities for our franchisees. We believe in creating stores that become hubs in their communities with quality food, a great experience, high volume and repeat sales. 

In short, we believe a better product and better service benefits both the customer and the business owner.


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Passion fuels the Coolgreens culture.

We’re “more than”

For us, good enough just isn’t. We’re not about just opening a restaurant on every corner—we truly want to improve the way people eat and give everyone more flavorful, healthy options. We’re not just a fast casual restaurant; Coolgreens is a healthy lifestyle eatery committed to providing ‘more than’:

More than just a high quality, fresh dining experience. We offer menus that cater to all lifestyles.

More than a fast casual restaurant; we are dedicated to making the markets that we serve better places to live.

More than a chain; we align ourselves with partners who are passionate about serving and educating their communities on the benefits of healthy living.

Our healthy vision.

What if everyone had a chance to eat better and feel better? In our eyes, it would be a much healthier world. Our vision is to sow the seeds of health in every community in which we plant our roots. We have an unwavering belief that when inspired, people have the power to build healthful lifestyles through vibrant communities. We pledge to foster this growth through the relationships we build and the foods we serve.

Coolgreens in the community.

Coolgreens is passionate about becoming involved in the communities in which we reside. This includes being a healthy food franchise, taking part in community events, and welcoming in consumers from all walks of life.

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